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Shaft copying on the basis of magnetic tape technology

Leading in Shaft Copying

The ELGO Group has been developing and producing magnetic tape-based measuring systems for position determination in elevators since 2002. ELGO Batscale AG in Liechtenstein functions within the ELGO Group as a competence centre for the further development of this technology. Thanks to continuous development and consistent compliance with elevator relevant standards, ELGO Batscale AG has succeeded in further expanding ELGO's market-leading position. So that elevators all over the world safely reach the desired floor.

More Safety in Elevators

LIMAX shaft information systems use magnetic tape technology to record the position of the elevator car in the shaft with high precision.

The principle is very simple: A sensor mounted on the elevator car detects the current absolute car position using Hall sensors, which scan the magnetic tape mounted in the shaft without contact. In this way, the position of the car can be determined at any time with high accuracy.

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