MAGNETIC Tape TechnologY

limax-installiert-klein_09.jpg Shaft Copying Systems for position detection and monitoring in elevator systems
magnetic_rings_01.jpg Magnetic Rings for angle and speed measurement
ELGO_magnetic_tape_11.jpg Magnetic Tape for linear measurements - absolute or incremental

Leading in magnetic tape production. The ELGO Group's magnetic tape production is located at ELGO Batscale AG in Balzers. 3,500,000 meters of magnetic tape leave our state-of-the-art production facilities every year to be used as a magnetic scale in many applications worldwide.

Experts for shaft copying. ELGO Batscale is the competence center for the further development of magnetic shaft copying systems for the lift industry. In over 150,000 lift installations worldwide, our positioning and safety systems help to ensure that elevators reach the desired floor reliably, precisely and safely.