Linear length measurement based on magnetic tape technology

Leader in Magnetic Tape Production 

Since 1992 our partner company ELGO Electronic in Rielasingen has been developing and producing magnetically coded tape as measuring standards for non-contact magnetic position measurement. Since 1998 the further development of this technology as well as the production of the tape is located at ELGO Batscale AG in Balzers in the Principality of Liechtenstein.

To detect the position, a magnetoresistive sensor/Hall sensor head scans sinusoidal magnetic fields above the magnetic scale without contact or wear. Resolutions down to 1 micrometer are available. The signals can be further processed by all common industrial controllers with suitable signal processing speeds or indicated by a digital display. The magnetic tape can also be applied to curved surfaces.

Magnetic Coding 

The magnetic tape contains the necessary digital information for linear length measurement either as incremental or absolute coding.

The magnetic tape consists of a magnetized plastic tape, which is connected on the underside with a magnetically conductive flexible steel tape (recoil tape). The steel tape protects the plastic tape from mechanical influences and at the same time represents a magnetic short-circuit. This significantly increases the functional reliability under external mechanical influences.

The measuring tape can be fastened by simple adhesive mounting or by means of prefabricated mounting rails.


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