Product Configurator

The LimaxCP series offers a particularly flexible and simple configuration process to enable correct parameterization.

Three options are available for programming the safety parameters:

  • At ELGO Batscale - in this case, the parameter set must be specified when the order is placed.
  • At the customer - before delivery to the elevator system by means of a programming tool
  • At the elevator on site - via the controller using CANopen

All three processes are secured via the configuration process. The parameter sets are created in the ELGO intranet by the customer and are protected against incorrect entry by means of 32-bit CRC. To activate the sensor, the installer only has to enter the CRC code specified on the sensor into the controller for verification. Likewise, each sensor has a QR code on the front, which can be scanned very easily using a cell phone and contains the most important security parameters.

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